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Since 2003, we actively participate in major scientific consortiums and collaborate with leading clinical and research centers in the USA, Europe and Asia on human tissue acquisition, processing and distribution. 



Cureline brings to the fore 20 years of expertise in commercial biobanking for precision medicine. With headquarters located in the San Francisco’s Biotech hub, home of industry giants in biotechnology, science, and engineering, we began operations in 2003 and continue to provide preclinical and translational research services for discovering breakthroughs in main therapeutic areas including Oncology, AID, and Infectious Diseases.  From a perspective of precision medicine, we support patient-centered research allowing better results for personalized healthcare decision-making.


We take pride in our network of clinical collaborators and scientists who conduct Cureline human biospecimen (HBS) procurement and data development projects with compliance to governance systems prioritizing ethics, donors privacy and informed consent, and data security.   We actively participate in major scientific consortiums such as The Cancer Genome Atlas Program (TCGA) and the Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) and collaborates with leading clinical and research centers in the USA, Europe and Asia on human tissue acquisition, processing and distribution.

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We are the leading global commercial service provider for human biospecimen (HBS) procurement aimed at biomarker studies, targeted therapies and diagnostic development in Solid Tumors, Hematologic Malignancies, Rheumatologic and Autoimmune conditions, Infectious Diseases, Neurologic Diseases, Cardiovascular conditions, Metabolic Disorders, Obstetric and Gynecologic conditions, fetal health, Dermatology, Inherited Diseases, etc. We continue to work on expanding our subspecialty involvement and look forward to adding more services in the future.




Cureline Translational CRO​

Cureline Incorporated and Cureline Translational CRO are located in Brisbane, USA. Cureline Incorporated specializes in human biospecimen (HBS) procurement, processing and tissue banking.


Biocrypton Inc. is located in San Francisco, USA. It specializes in biomarker discovery and diagnostic solutions using proprietary proteomic technology.

Precision Biopathology

Cureline Biopathology is located in San Francisco, USA. It specializes in providing tissue slide scanning and digital image assessment, biomarker analysis, and standard histopathologic specimens to academic institutions and biopharmaceutical researchers.

Baltic Preclinical CRO

Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, Cureline Baltic specializes in preclinical project management services for accelerated therapeutic research and diagnostic development, providing assistance to clients seeking to conduct related studies in Northeastern Europe.

Molecular Services​

Cureline Molecular Services is located in San Diego, USA. It specializes in proteomic and cellular assay services for academic institutions and biopharmaceutical researchers performing research on cell and molecular biology.

Cureline India​

Located in Delhi, India, Cureline Research specializes in human biospecimen procurement and processing, providing regulatory and pre-clinical research support to clients in South Asia and surrounding regions.


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